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“Very good course for **** management in Asia. Excellent benchmarking and definition of best practices”

--- Mr. Saleh, Alfa Laval

“This training is very good and should be of great help in my daily job”

--- Mr. Ma, LSI

“The training deserves what you pay”

--- Miss Li, Draeger

“Marketing is all about common sense. And this course is to equip you with those common sense systematically and analytically”

--- Ms Qian, ABN AMRO (China)

“It’s good workshop to help you build up a systematic ROI thinking on *****”

--- Mr. Huang, BD Medical

“The workshop is very comprehensive and practical. I can use the models back to work.”

--- Ms Kaur, National Starch & Chemicals (HK)

“Quite good material and tools provided by China Inno. Training definitely benefits our organization.”

--- Mr. Yu, Danfoss Anshan

“Can help us the find out the points of increasing in our corporate management”

--- Ms Li, Sony Ericsson

“ I do learn this session of training, such as **** skills. It would help me for the future success, although the attendees are from different background, countries, etc.”

--- Mr. Chan, Larid Technologies

“This seminar broadens the meanings of **** in a simple manner”

--- Mr. Oh, MCG Grane

“Overall – Great essentials & crash course for people who cares about growing profitable business through **** management!”

--- Mr. Cheong, Molex

“It help to understand the frame of **** management, and have more systematic knowledge”

--- Mr. Li, Cisco

“There is such a powerful tool to help us increase revenue/margin by 10% within existing marketing resources by simply collecting & analyzing our historical data and this tool is just round us. It’s *****.”

--- Mr. Shen, Sony Ericsson

“The facilitator has wonderful industry experience”

--- Mr. Lau, Carrier China

“Share the knowledge with different friends.”

--- Mr. Zhu, Moeller

“It’s a right step towards production excellence”

--- Mr. Chen, Alstom Transport

“This course does deliver valuable information for Len implementation of organization”

--- Mr. Tao, GN Netcom

“The overall process and key strategy problem solution are suitable for me”

--- Mr. Chen, Pentair Water

“*** is still a new concept for most of the participants. We have a good interaction between the facilitator and trainees to have a deep understanding of this booming program. I feel it’s valuable for me”

--- Ms. Gu, Bayer


1) We hide some confidential project name by “****”
2) All the testimonials and company names were quoted from our training evaluation form with the written permission of our clients.


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