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Started in 2005 in Shanghai, ChinaInno is a professional business service provider to enhance company's performance via world-class management concept introduction, workshops with hands-on practices, directly applicable management seminars and trainings serving for different corporate functions.

As you stay with ChinaInno, you will have impressive learning experience through our facilitator's inspirations, interactive discussion, brainstorming, simulations, case studies, exercises, role-plays, problem-solving practices, etc.


在过去的十多年里, ChinaInno已经为超过5000位在华外企的中高管理层提供服务,以帮助他们解决工作中遇到的挑战,提升业务绩效,同时推动实现职业发展的成功。
ChinaInno 专注于特定的职能发展领域,包括:产品管理、产品营销、市场营销、定价管理、项目管理、销售管理、以及制造工厂内部管理等。

以客户需求为导向,ChinaInno 的全球资深顾问以专业的知识为企业量身定制方案,用思维启发、互动讨论、头脑风暴、情景模拟、案例研究、角色扮演、练习演练等方式帮助经理人打开思路,找到全新的问题解决方法。



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