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B2B Digital Marketing Excellence Workshop

January 17-18 2019

It is widely recognised that B2B marketers tend to lag behind B2C marketers in terms of ‘digital maturity’ i.e. their understanding and deployment of digital marketing tools and techniques in designing and implementing marketing strategies and tactics geared to achieving their organisational goals.

Recent research by McKinsey – supported by others, such as Accenture, Bain & Co., & Forrester – suggests that B2B digital leaders significantly outperform their peers financially… driving up to five times more revenue growth, eight times more operating profit (EBIT) growth, and twice the shareholder returns.

This workshop is designed to help you bridge this digital performance gap - or perhaps chasm!

Key Learning Points:

- Determine your ‘digital quotient’ (digital marketing knowledge & skills)

- Identify key changes and trends in both ‘B2B marketing’ and your marketing environment

- Identify and exploit key differences between ‘Eastern’ and ‘Western’ B2B marketing’

- Gather customer insights related to actual and latent wants, needs and desires

- Determine which digital marketing models and strategies are appropriate for your organisation

- Utilise digital marketing tools and techniques in the development of new products and services

- ‘Map’ the customer journey, develop ‘personas’ and design world class customer experiences

- Deliver a world class digital customer experience (with reference to specific examples)

- Generate and nurture leads (including the concept of MQLs – Marketing Qualified Leads)

- Work more closely with colleagues in customer service and sales towards a better customer experience

- Design and implement an Integrated (Digital) Marketing Communications (IMC) campaign

- Leverage digital marketing tools and techniques based on their individual ‘pros and cons’

- ‘Deep dive’ into key tools/techniques (content marketing objectives, strategy, types, media…)

- Use the best combination of digital marketing tools and techniques dependent on ‘challenge’

- Avoid common digital marketing plan and/or activity errors, omissions, mistakes…

- Assess your performance – using relevant digital/social media metrics

… all of which will culminate in the creation of an integrated marketing strategy, geared to developing and utilising proven digital marketing assets, channels, technologies, tools and techniques to help you achieve your organisational goals.

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