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Market & Sales Forecasting

Get ahead of the curve – give yourself a core competency

January 14-15 2019

There’s an old saying that there are two types of forecasts – ‘lucky’ and ‘wrong’!
This hands-on workshop is specifically designed to help marketing and sales people who need to produce ‘good’ forecasts, reduce their reliance on luck, and minimise the risk of their forecasts being wrong, by developing practical forecasting skills within the context of a professional forecasting framework.
The topics are covered from a non-mathematical perspective and do not demand any extensive prior knowledge of mathematics beyond school levels. We will introduce, explain and provide practice, using real business data, in a variety of forecasting tools and techniques.

What you will learn

- Assess the market environment (macro-, micro-, and internal)
- Create professional short, medium, and long-term forecasts
- Implement best practice in terms of forecast design, delivery and evaluation
- Specify, collect, and analyse the right data, in the right way
- Integrate qualitative and quantitative research in a beneficial/productive fashion
- Measure market share, market growth, and other market parameters more confidently
- Convert your data into relevant information using various statistical tools and techniques
- Make realistic projections and offer alternative scenarios with ‘sensitivity analyses’
- Apply within both strategic (customer...) and tactical (PLC, pricing...) arenas
- Utilise various ‘investment appraisal’ tools & techniques to assess ‘return’ (payback, DCF, NPV, IRR, ROI)
- Implement, evaluate and control your forecasting efforts professionally

Benefits by Attending

You will benefit from a more professional approach to forecasting - incorporating better planning, the collection, analysis and interpretation of appropriate data and the utilisation of information technology – which should lead to increased confidence in developing balanced and meaningful forecasts.
Each attendee will be provided with an Excel® workbook containing various spreadsheets (exercises, answers, additional information relating to specific workshop content…) which will be utilised during the workshop, and can be utilised afterwards for reference, etc.

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