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Strategic Key Account Management

June 10-11, 2019

Key Accounts are not necessarily the customers that you sell the most to. They are accounts that you have decided to target and engage with strategically, with the intention of becoming a preferred supplier and ideally, the preferred collaborative partner to them. There is more to winning and keeping key accounts that just selling to them. The typical approach to selling is usually insufficient to build the type of relationships that are required in managing key accounts

In this course by ChinaInno you will be introduced to tools, principles and a process that will help you to establish and grow key accounts.

Benefits of Attending

Designed by ChinaInno expert consultant, this course is mainly for key account teams who want to adopt a consistent strategy that will help them to win specific key accounts and build them.  It will help those who attend, to introduce a realistic and effective key account approach that all those involved can understand and buy-into.

At this workshop you will learn how to:
✓ Select the key accounts that you want to work with
✓ Recognise what the key account customer’s challenges are and use that knowledge to gain preferred-supplier status
✓ Identify key players in the account and persuade them to see you as a collaborative partner
✓ Identify how you are perceived by the key account compared to competitors and use that knowledge to win a higher share of the customer’s spend
✓ Win credibility with the account through thought-leadership
✓ Introduce a process for engagement with key accounts and define objectives and a key account strategy
✓ Apply principles of key account negotiations so that you do not have to concede on price
✓ Monitor and control key account satisfaction

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