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Supplier Management & Excellence Workshop

January 12-13, 2015

In this workshop we will learn the details of how the excellent companies have achieved great success in this area. Their methods are unique and have set a new standard for building partnerships with Suppliers.
What you can expect from this course is a focus on the details of successful methods and systems used by lean manufacturing world leaders such as Toyota and Honda.
The goal of the course is for participants to be able to take these new ideas, methods and strategies back to their place of business, apply them and get improvement in a short time.

    · Setting a new standard for building partnerships with suppliers

    · Learning the most leading methods and techniques

    · Creating a win-win situation with your suppliers

We will customize the agenda of the class to fit the specific needs of the participants. We will determine the participant’s main issues at the very beginning of the class and spend as much time as needed for them to gain an excellent understanding of improving their Supplier Management System.



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