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Measuring Marketing ROI

May 23-24 2016

One of the recent papers says: 70% of CEO believes marketers are disconnected from business result and focus on the wrong areas…

As a marketer, you may be struggling with the issues such as:

- You can’t establish cause and effect between marketing and revenue
- You have no consistent metrics whatsoever
- Your budget is constantly being cut
- You have no time to catch your breath
- You need a way to really ‘know’ how to launch a new product
- Everyone talks about brand but they aren’t willing to invest in it.
- You never have good data.

In this Measuring Marketing ROI workshop, you are going to help you to figure out these issues, build up the marketing success metrics and justify your marketing budgeting.

You will be Equipped on HOW TO:

    · Qualify & Measure Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI);
    · Develop the right measuring metrics for your line of business;
    · Identify potential next steps to continually improve ROMI;
    · Understand the 9 rules of ROMI;
    · Build a complete marketing budget;
    · Pinpoint weaknesses in your marketing campaigns;
    · Deliver incremental revenue with your marketing elements;
    · Combine multiple techniques to deliver ROMI
    · Make sophisticated segmentation decisions
    · Understand customer information processing leading to brand persuasion
    · Put together an effective implementation plan for the next 30 days, 90 days and longer term



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