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Advanced VSM Workshop

Mar. 28-29 2016

The Value Stream Mapping process was first introduced outside of Toyota and started gaining popularity about 10 years ago among lean practitioners.

Unfortunately, since its popularity began, it has had very limited success at getting large performance improvements at most companies. So what happened?

VSM has been misunderstood. The details of when to use it and how to use it have been left out of most books and training on the subject. They tend to focus the mechanics of making the map. This is only a small part of the total system.

VSM process can show the big picture of the entire supply chain or process flow within your facility. It can be the starting point in every improvement program.

In this two-day Advanced VSM workshop, we will:
· Learn the detailed & advanced VSM techniques
· Integrate with lean tools such as Kaizen, Kata and A3 Process
· Creating accurate flow and drastically shorten lead times
· Avoid the common mistakes and misdirection that occur doing VSM.
· Implement effective action plans
· Prioritize your improvement actions to get the biggest impact more quickly

In addition to learning detailed methods and tools used in VSM mapping we will focus on the deep analysis and structured planning to implement effective actions to improve the process and get large performance improvements. You will learn the whole process from beginning until the end.




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