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Marketing & Competitive Intelligence

May 04-05 2017

Businesses now operate in global markets and information on these markets is increasingly available. Market trend data, customer, supplier and competitor data are readily available and yet only a few companies always find success. Their success can be explained by their understanding of their markets, customers, competitors and products as well as their anticipation of change. These companies use marketing & competitive intelligence to achieve business excellence. They create not just customer satisfaction, but customer love.



Benefits & Take-away

✓ Principles of marketing & competitive intelligence
✓ A sound basis for mastering the full body of knowledge of marketing & competitive intelligence.
✓ A competitive edge for your business through informed decision making based on reliable intelligence.
✓ Understanding of the nature of intelligence as well as its limits and the potential for competitive advantage.
✓ Competitive & Marketing intelligence analysis to harness the value of information
✓ Skills to successfully access competitive & marketing intelligence within your business to support strategic and operational decision making
✓ Benchmarking of your own CI activities against state-of-the-art best practice.
✓ The opportunity to share experience and knowledge with competitive intelligence experts and peers from a range of industries.

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