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Effective Marketing Planning for B2B Companies

January 22 & 23, 2018

Creating an effective marketing plan allows your company to integrate the actions of sales teams, marketing communications executives, service teams, product managers, R&D and others to work together in a common direction that increases your chances to succeed in the market. It helps you to win new customers, make existing customers more valuable, and build your brand.



At this workshop you will learn how to:
✓ Identify market success factors
✓ Describe your marketing strategy
✓ Prioritise customers and stakeholders to target
✓ Create a marketing mix
✓ Construct and deliver value propositions
✓ Use price and value to protect margins
✓ Create the communications messages
✓ Use the right communications tools
✓ Use intermediaries to get to market
✓ Build relationships with customer service
✓ Set metrics and measure results
✓ Write a marketing plan.


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