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Skills to be a Successful Product Manager
Product Manager is one of the most critical and challenging roles in the company. They must be able to successfully navigate a vast array of market variables, resource constraints, and personalities to consistently launch and manage winning products. “Skills to be a Successful Product Manager” provides the tools and techniques to meet this challenge.
Who can mostly benefit from this course?
Product Managers – Engineering Managers – R&D Managers – Project Managers - etc.
Project Management for Product Development
This is a highly focused workshop specifically developed for the product development environment, where time to-market is paramount. Unlike traditional seminars on project management, this one has been fully customized to the turbulent nature of rapid product development. The mission of this class is intended to provide the tools, methods, and motivation to apply project management to a product development environment for the purpose of reducing time-to market― and avoid needless theories and tools.
Who can mostly benefit from this course?
Product Dev. Managers – Engineering Managers – R&D Managers – Project Managers - etc.
Action Selling - The Most Impressive Sales Course from USA
Action Selling is a sales certification program developed by The Sales Board, a Minneapolis based company. It teaches a proactive "process" for planning, conducting, gaining commitment, and following up on a sale. Action Selling highlights how effective selling skills drive the sales interaction from discussion to commitment. It provides practical, actionable information and tools to use in your everyday job.
Who can mostly benefit from this course?
- Sales Managers – Sales Engineers – Marketing Managers – Key Account Managers - etc.
Lean Manufacturing
Outstanding lean manufacturing plants can lose their edge if there is changeover in the work force, or if management does not sustain change. You’ll discover how to get new workers up to speed on lean manufacturing; manage implementation projects to ensure ownership among all stakeholders; and create a culture of continuous improvement and problem solving. In the end, you’ll be able to get your company to the next level — and the next, and the next.
Who can mostly benefit from this course?
Plant Managers – Manufacturing Engineering Managers – Section Managers - etc.

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