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“We would like to remain with you over the long term to resolve problems and challenges you are facing in management ...??
Strategic PM with Innovation Thinking Mar. 03-04 2017
Every success product starts with a great strategy. In highly competitive markets, this also means being able to apply innovative thinking to gain a winning advantage...
Market & Customer Insight for PM Leadership Mar. 01-02 2017
To be a leading Product Managers or Marketing Manager you must be a master of gaining and using market insight in order to make critical decisions...
Product Marketing Excellence Feb. 27-28 2017
Since 2007, we have been conducted 25 sessions in public as well as many internal & customized sessions for companies...
Market and Sales Forecasting Dec.15-16 2016
Marketers and sales people are increasingly expected to be able to present strategic arguments, analyses ...
Customer Value-based Pricing Dec. 12-13 2016
Customer Value-based Pricing (CVBP) is the fastest growing pricing method in business today. We are glad to update you with the upcoming CVBP workshop on this specific topic ...
The 12th Systematic Layout Planning Nov. 14-15 2016
A step-by-step application of Systematic Layout Planning (SLP), recognized throughout the world as the most organized way to develop layout plans ...
Winning Channel Strategies Oct.17-18 2016
As maturing markets lead to increased competition and decreased margins, building an effective, streamlined channel strategy is essential to stay at the top of your industry ...

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